Colwall Village Society Publications

These can be bought at Colwall Post Office or from the Society.

Colwall and the Railway 2023 £5

Colwall Folk 2017 £5

Bygone Colwall 2015 £5

Discover Colwall 2013 £5

History/Water Map 2013 £3

Colwall Heritage Trail (in conjunction with Colwall Parish Council) Also online

Victoria County History of Colwall

This can be bought online or in Ledbury/Malvern bookshops.

£14 ( Ebook £5)

Village Society Publications available to read at Colwall Library

Upper Colwall: The Commercial Complex, West Malvern Road
Lt Col T B V Marsh Rtd 2002
Upper Colwall: The West Malvern Road
Lt Col T B V Marsh Rtd 2002
Upper Colwall: Beacon Road
Lt Col T B V Marsh Rtd 2002
W. James Builders and Contractors 1889-1977
Barbara Ann Sealy December 2002
Colwall War Memorial
Nicholas Neve 2005
National Hunt Racing at Colwall Park Racecourse 1900 to 1939
Nicholas Neve 2002
Golf in Colwall 1908-1921
Compiled by Catherine and Tony Sear April 2001
Colwall Ladies Club
Colwall through the Millennia 2000

Other Publications available to read at Colwall Library

History of Colwall
Winifred Stringer: 1954
Colwall village past & present
Elsie Godsell: 1994
Down memory lane in Colwall
Elsie Godsell: 1993
A short history of Colwall Village
Elsie Godsell: 1992
Walks around Colwall and the Malverns
Elsie Godsell: 1992
Walks and talks on the Malvern Hills and Colwall
Elsie Godsell: 1992
Colwall village clebrates parish council centenary 1895-1995
Elsie Godsell: 1992
The Church of St James the Great Colwall and its surroundings
Anstice Brown
A history of Barton Court
George Demidowicz: 2021 (can be borrowed)
The Elms in Colwall, 1614-2000: portrait of a school
Pamela Hurle: 2000
Custome of the mannor of Bosbury, Colwall and Coddington, 1674
Reproduction of original
The First Five: The story of a school (Downs School)
E J Brown: 1987
Our dwelling place: the making of a sense of place in semi-rural England
Kentaro Saegusa: 2004
Ninety years on: a history of Evendine Court
Jean Butchart

Publications available to read at Herefordshire Archives

Memories of Colwall
Elsie Godsell: 1990
Reflection on Colwall
Elsie Godsell: 1990
Colwall Collection: Memories of a Herefordshire Village
Stephen Ballard 1999 and Cora Weaver
Field surver 2000 Ballard Land and Colwall Land
Ledbury Naturalist Field Club: 2001
The little man in blue and other sketches
Ernest Ballard: 1930

Other Publications

A History of the Parish of Colwall
Marjorie Thomas: 1977