Histories of Colwall

CVS Millenia

In 2000, the Village Society published "Colwall through the Millennia" which was given to each house in the village. A copy can be viewed in the Library.

Victoria County History

The Victoria County History of Colwall was published in 2020 and can be bought online or in Ledbury/Malvern bookshops.
It provides a detailed description of all aspects of Colwall's History

Winifred Stringer

In 1954, Winifred Clay-Stringer wrote a "History of Colwall", a copy of which is available to read in the library. The book contains information about the landscape, buildings and people, including those living in the village in the 1950s.

In 1977, Marjorie Thomas was writing a "A History of the Parish of Colwall" in association with Hereford and Worcester County Library. The work is detailed up to the 18th century, but was never finished due to the death of the author. A copy of her final draft is held in Hereford library.